Worship Dimensions

In a fast moving world today, worship has definitely taken a totally new level/height than ever before. It was not long ago that we sing songs/hymns with simple lyrics, easy to remember, written from the Word of God. In that dimension, I would suggest that it’s like a 2D/2-dimensional image.

As an 3D object, you can see a pen/pencil as a round and rectangular object or cylindrical but in 2D, you can only it either round or rectangular at any point in time. Today, the world’s moving into 4D/4-dimensional and so forth. Worship songs have many story lines just in the verse, chorus and bridge. The focus has become diverse and songwriters need to be creative and have constant revelation of the God we know.

In my thoughts, I’m wondering if a God song will display multi-dimensional images of Christ. How will the song look like? Could it be like singing all the 9 characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit? Or could it mention His love from Genesis to Revelation?

Today, take some time to discover the dimensions of Worship with God. Let Him inspire you deeper and release fresh revelation over your heart, mind, soul and strength.

What’s your worship dimension like?

Worship In Heaven with all the Nations!

Be Blessed!

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